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Optimising businesses is exciting – and immensely rewarding

Take the initiative and enjoy the life-affirming results of owning an ERA consultancy

Hunger, proactivity, ambition and energy – combining these core pillars with your corporate experience is the rock solid foundation from which you can build a truly successful business standing alongside ERA.

You must also be comfortable and confident when dealing with people – success is dependent on forging strong relationships with your clients’ C-suite. And the stronger these relationships are, the more areas of each business you will be invited to optimise, thus leading to more hidden profit to uncover and share.

Ultimately, what you put into it is what you get out of it – if you’re driven to succeed, our tried and trusted model and world-class support network can help deliver the results you want.

Sounds like something you want to be part of? Then we’re ready to hear from you.


The key skills you need to succeed

  • Overwhelming desire to succeed in business Confident and credible professional
  • Fantastic people skills
  • Ability to develop and build client relationships
  • Experience and familiarity with the corporate world
  • Driven to build a better future for yourself.


"I joined ERA over 10 years ago with the ambition to build a large consulting business. Today I employ more than 25 people. We’ve got ambitious targets to take our business from today’s 7-figure revenues to even higher levels."

Peter - ERA Franchisee since 2008

What being an ERA business owner entails

Optimising businesses and uncovering profits is hugely rewarding in so many ways. As a consultant and trusted advisor, you will build deep mutually respectful relationships with each of your client’s C-suite. Through leveraging the expertise in the ERA network you can build project teams to uncover profits across 40+ areas of each client’s business.

With ERA consultants operating in 40+ countries, your project teams can serve large multi-nationals across the world. With ERA you will have your own business optimisation consultancy as part of a truly global network.

Also, being part of a franchise network of like-minded business owners means you have the support and encouragement of others on the same business journey, switched-on business leaders keen for you to succeed.


Phenomenal earning potential to truly reward your effort

This is a full-time venture for highly motivated, astute businesspeople. If you are prepared to put in the hard work you will see your monthly residual income stream build and once established you should be aiming for £100K+ earnings from your ERA business, with many earning much more.

The next step is where it gets even more exciting – building your own team and scaling your consultancy so you have an asset to sell in the future. You should be aiming for sales income of at least £500K – £750K+ per annum with a 50% – 60%+ EBITDA once established at this next level. This should result in an eventual sale price in the region of £750K – £1M. These figures have been proven to be possible in the past by ERA franchisees across the world, but are no guarantee of future success.


“There are a lot of consultants in the world who work from home and work by themselves – it’s very, very lonely. Our business is not lonely, because you’re working with all these other people in your own country, region, or even across a whole continent. You become very comfortable inside the business – it becomes your family.”

Fred Marfleet, Founder and Executive Chairman, ERA Group

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