Franchisee Case Studies

Hear from our franchisees as they share their experiences with ERA

Throughout your journey with ERA you will undoubtedly hear us say that we are a people business. This is because the franchisees in our network are the secret ingredient for success so to help you learn more about what it’s like to be part of ERA, we’ve put together a series of testimonials from existing franchisees.

Each of the people in ERA is unique, they all have their own drivers for choosing to become part of ERA and throughout our testimonials you’ll see our franchisees have very different goals and aspirations in mind. Fundamentally however, they have all been able to make a success of their business with the support of ERA and the wider network.

We encourage you to listen to these testimonials, to hear directly from existing franchisees about their experiences, so that you can get a true understanding of what to expect and the possibilities which are genuinely achievable.

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Pritesh, a franchisee since 2006, joined in his late 20’s with his wife joining a few years later. Pritesh discusses the success he has achieved both at home and internationally thanks to ERA’s global network and joint venture opportunities. Having achieved financial independence and a dream work/life balance, Pritesh and his wife now have a large team of staff working in their business, allowing them to focus on their future life plans.

“I’m confident that leaving my corporate role in New York to start my ERA franchise will give me the rewards, lifestyle and balance that I’m looking for. I love finding profits for my clients and my income is directly linked to my own efforts – that’s a great place to be”

Laura - Franchisee since 2021

Charles, a franchisee with ERA since 2005, discusses his goals of scaling his business to generate 7-figure revenues. Having already hired staff to support the significant growth of his business, Charles shares his long term plans having been part of ERA for more than 15 years.

James, a Franchisee since 2021, explains how he has been able to leverage his previous commercial experience as CFO for The NHS to become his own boss, helping clients with cost optimisation. James provides a fantastic perspective of someone newer to the ERA network and shares his thoughts on what it takes to be successful.

"I was certainly aware of the training, but was not prepared for the vast quantity of information shared, or the expertise of the presenters and trainers. I think it could be a very strong value add to those considering joining ERA - and not just because of the learning, but also as an introduction to the network. It really backs up everything we’re told in the lead up to signing an ERA contract."

Alex - Franchisee since 2021

Tracy, a franchisee since 2007, shares her experiences with joining ERA including the personal reasons that helped her decide it was the right move for her. Having control over her own business combined with the financial reward and sense of satisfaction from becoming a trusted advisor to her clients – ERA was the right choice for her.

Keith, a franchisee since 2006, explains how ERA has helped him to leverage his skills and experience to create a business which has gone way beyond his expectations in terms of financial earnings. Despite leaving a 6-figure salary, Keith shares that he achieved the same with his ERA business within 2 years.

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