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The next steps to becoming a successful ERA franchisee

Are you driven to succeed and truly make the most of your skills by owning your own business?

Do you want to build a bigger, better and brighter future both for yourself and your clients? Then there is no better way to turbocharge your prospects than by getting started with the multi global award winning ERA franchise model.

The simple next steps offer complete transparency as we help you map out the journey to owning your very own successful business. There’s no time pressure, and we’re on hand to assist with every question or concern.

Once you fill in the form to receive the ERA business prospectus, these are the next best steps take:

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Fill in the form to request your copy of our franchise brochure and learn more about the ERA Group franchise opportunity.

1. Read our franchise opportunity prospectus

Get in touch with us using the form to request a copy of our franchise opportunity prospectus. This explains in greater detail how the ERA business model works to deliver fantastic long-term results for you, including information on financial models and the benefits of collaborating with our global network of fellow cost consultancy business owners.

2. Speak with our franchise recruitment expert

Once you have received the prospectus, ERA’s Business Development Manager, Tim Barber-Lomax, will be in touch for an informal, no-obligation conversation. Tim oversees the onboarding of all new UK-based franchisees and will provide you with more key information in a friendly, accessible way whilst fielding any questions you may have.

3. Enjoy an ERA Discovery Event on Zoom

Now that you have all the immediate business information you need, we highly recommend joining a virtual gathering of ERA team members and fellow franchisees. This will help you get a real feel for the warmth, friendliness and camaraderie that being part of the ERA family entails – we’re not just spreadsheets and calculators, but a thriving network built to support you in every way possible.

Meeting consultancy business owners who have been on the same franchise journey will also be hugely beneficial as they share their experience as an ERA business owner.

4. Complete your business plan

Our support team of highly experienced franchise experts will provide you with a template and guidance to ensure your business plan is right for you. You will have control over the numbers you enter, allowing you to fully understand the required investment, potential returns and growth stages – and how these will impact you and your lifestyle. Once you are entirely happy with the journey laid out ahead, you will progress to the business setup stage. Then the excitement really begins!

Request a copy of our franchise opportunity prospectus

Ready to find out more? Fill in the form to receive a copy of our franchise opportunity prospectus, which will help you learn more about powering your business with ERA.

Thank you for your interest in joining the ERA family – we’re already excited to help you thrive.

Learn More Now!

Fill in the form to request your copy of our franchise brochure and learn more about the ERA Group franchise opportunity.

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