Why choose and ERA franchise

We've helped hundreds of people start their own consultancy - and we can help you too

ERA Group have been helping businesses around the globe optimise their costs and improve performance since 1992

But more than that, we are extraordinarily proud to have provided the base for over 700 specialist procurement consultants to reach new heights in their professional career – and the lifestyle that goes with that – through the globally recognised and award-winning ERA franchise model.

Why choose an ERA franchise?

Choosing to power your future prospects with an ERA franchise is a fantastic choice for many reasons – not least because it presents a low-cost, low-risk opportunity to build and scale a business you’ll be proud to call your own.

The many benefits of advancing forwards with ERA include:

Generate a long-term, sustainable income

ERA’s prosperous business model allows franchisees to build a recurring monthly income stream with typically 60-70% net profit – returns which are made all the more exceptional by the considerably low overheads your business will require.

Benefit from industry-leading expertise

As a leading global business consultancy, ERA have helped thousands of businesses streamline procurement, improve performance and optimise operations – you will be able to make full use of more than 30 years of industry experience.

Trust in the resilience of your business

ERA consultants saw business increase by 50% during the 2008-2010 recession, and by 25% during the lockdown-hit year of 2021. This provides the vital confidence your business can meet whatever challenges may lay ahead.

Deploy state-of-the-art technology

Our fully integrated Microsoft systems and refined tech stack utilises the very latest in AI to do more and more administrative tasks – allowing you to dedicate your valuable time to clients and growing your customer base.

Collaborate with our global network of specialists

The highly collaborative ERA network consists of over 700 consultants across 40 different countries. Joining this family will see you reap the rewards of our collegiate atmosphere – fellow franchisees will support you to succeed and vice versa.

Get world-class support from ERA experts

From the off you will be enrolled in our Power Assist launch programme to build a reliable, results-driven sales funnel. You will also benefit from six months of top quality one-to-one coaching and ongoing lead generation support.

Take Control of your life

ERA franchisees always extol the virtues of how running their own business puts them back in the driving seat compared to enduring a traditional 9-5 corporate role. You will have full control over the direction of your future, enjoy a better work-life balance, and feel the tangible results of genuinely getting out what you put into the business with exceptional earning potential.

"I was certainly aware of the training, but was not prepared for the vast quantity of information shared, or the expertise of the presenters and trainers. I think it could be a very strong value add to those considering joining ERA - and not just because of the learning, but also as an introduction to the network. It really backs up everything we’re told in the lead up to signing an ERA contract."

Alex - Franchisee since 2021

Every ERA franchisee benefits from:

  • A 10-year renewable franchise licence
  • A world-class training programme
  • Up to six months of one-to-one coaching
  • In-field dedicated support and mentoring
  • An attractive “No Savings, No Fee” business proposition to clients
  • Ongoing marketing and sales support
  • A proven methodology and systems for cost reduction
  • Access to bespoke IT systems with 24-hour support
  • Collaboration with a global network of over 700 ERA consultants
  • Lead generation support from day one
  • Low operating costs and high income potential
  • The ability to operate your business from home or an office
  • Being part of the enormously welcoming ERA family and culture

Alongside your own personal experience, this powerful combination of training, support and collaboration equips you with all the tools you need to build your own successful ERA consultancy – and begin helping clients to survive and rebuild in these financially challenging times.


“I wanted to do something on my own, I realised that in terms of risk, probably the least risky route for me would be a franchise and I chose ERA. It’s gone way beyond any of my expectations, I work harder now than I’ve ever worked in my whole life, but I m the person who gets the rewards for that.”

Keith - Franchisee since 2006

The history of ERA

After gaining many years of experience in the financial services and accountancy industry, Fred Marfleet founded ERA Group in 1992. Initially it was built as a training-focused business, attracting people wanting to become consultants along with small professional firms looking to add another service to their portfolio.

This proved to be a hugely successful formula, with the business taking off quickly with minimal challenges. But it was the opportunity for global scalability which led Fred to take the next step in the ERA journey, moving from a training business to a cost consultancy franchise organisation.

ERA has gone from strength to strength since then. We now boast a diverse, ever-growing network of over 700 consultants across 40 countries, who work together to deliver outstanding results for thousands of clients across the globe.


Get to know ERA Founder Fred Marfleet

To this day, ERA’s dynamic and energetic leadership team is overseen by the original founder – and now Executive Chairman – Fred Marfleet. “ERA is in the human-to-human business,” explains Fred. “People are absolutely everything in our business. The support staff, our management team, our associates – without them we couldn’t have achieved the level of success we’ve had over the past 25+ years, so we want to put them at the centre of everything we do to ensure our success for the next 25 years. Expanding our training facilities is just one of many steps we’re taking as we really want to continue building our team and growing their talent.” Driven and rewarded by franchisee success, you simply must meet the leadership team to get a feel for the inspiring, warm atmosphere they exude – traits Fred has always put at the forefront of ERA.

“Our team, our specialists, our people – they’re all at the heart of what we do, so being able to deliver a world-class dedicated training facility is a great example of our commitment to those working in our business, not to mention those considering joining.”

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