Your journey with ERA

What to expect on your business journey with ERA

Your skills fuse with our support makes for an unstoppable force

We recognise that the thought of starting your own business can be a daunting one – but the fact you’re exploring the opportunity in more detail already points to the reality that you have the spirit and desire to succeed.

One of the best things about choosing to power your own cost optimisation consultancy with ERA is the versatility of options it provides you. You can choose to work as a solo consultant; opt to grow the business and your potential earnings by developing into a fully-fledged practice with multiple consultants; and sell your successful business when the time is right for you

1) Training

Rest assured we provide expert help and assistance at every stage, equipping you with the tools to complement your existing knowledge and passion in order to make your business flourish.

2) Launch

Work from wherever you are and extract the full benefits from our proven lead generation programme.

3) Growth

Collaborate with other franchisees to deliver large-scale projects together, in turn growing your earning potential.

4) Scale

Develop a multi-consultant practice to serve more clients and grow the business into a powerful revenue driver.

5) Exit

When the time is right for you, realise the value of the business you have created by selling the franchise on.

“I was in my late-20’s when I started. My wife joined me in the business a few years later and we are now a team of 7. We enjoy a great work/life balance, make a good income and have that precious time for our family.”

Pritesh & Harsha - Franchisee since 2006

How do I get started?

Finding out more information about how your ERA franchise would work and getting started couldn’t be simpler. To help you begin, we have detailed the four steps you need to take and what they entail in a dedicated page.


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