Sustainability in Healthcare

Sustainability in Healthcare: Can it be Achieved Without Compromising on Care?

People are living longer than ever before1. On the face of it, that’s positive news. Of course, it is. In 1800 the global average life expectancy was just 30 years old. Today that’s risen to 73.

But as they navigate their twilight years, our older generations are experiencing a proportionally similar rate of chronic illnesses, such as type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and asthma.

What do an increased life expectancy and an increase in people living with chronic health conditions mean for the healthcare sector?

They mean that the healthcare sector is under enormous pressure to provide long-term care.

But there is another concern that is becoming increasingly important in every sector and every area of our private and public lives.


So, the question that you might be asking yourself as a chief procurement officer or chief financial officer of a healthcare facility is this:

Can you optimize procurement to enhance your bottom line and help the planet without sacrificing patient care?

The answer to that question, in the eyes of our specialists, is a collective and resounding yes.

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For our specialists, at the core of healthcare sector procurement are 4 cost areas: waste management; food & catering; utilities and facilities management; and fuel & fleet. Download our latest insights to discover more.

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"With a glance over its shoulder, the healthcare sector is hoping to leave the pandemic behind and cautiously begin its recovery. As part of that recovery, hospitals and care systems are increasingly searching for new ways to become more efficient while reducing overall costs and maintaining a high-quality patient experience. As well as interrogating their bottom lines, many facilities are making plants to achieve a sustainable future, one that helps care systems to thrive both now and in the future."

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