Manufacturing a Solution to the Energy Crisis

Proportionally, manufacturing accounts for approximately one-fifth of all European energy consumption – both domestic and industrial. In comparison, agrifood makes up less than 10 percent of that same pie chart.

It is, therefore, perhaps no wonder that you feel worried when you see the below news headlines:

  • Nord Stream 1: Russia shuts major gas pipeline to Europe
  • Russia is preparing for ‘energy attack’ on Europe, Zelensky warns as major gas pipeline stays closed
  • Metal plants deeding Europe’s factories face an existential crisis

But what will these increases mean for your facilities?

Let’s say your manufacturing plant and warehouse measure a total of 20,000 square feet. In 2019, your energy bill might have been approximately 500,000 euros. Today, it could be as high as two million euros.

With winter on the horizon and the conflict far from concluded, our specialists don’t see an end in sight for high bills.

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There is often a temptation to bury your head in the sand and avoid economic hardships. That is a dangerously counter-productive approach. Instead, our approach is founded on 30 years of experience and has the simple promise: no savings, no fee. While we can't control energy costs, we can help you to take action and reduce their impacts. Download our latest insights today.

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