Anticimex’s external costs were analysed, optimised and reduced efficiently!

Anticimex’s vision is to be the global leader in preventive pest control. Founded in Sweden in 1934, the company have been at the forefront of the field, offering the best solutions available in order to give customers peace of mind.

At the heart of Anticimex are their people and mutual values. By offering excellent service, they build long relationships based on trust and respect. Anticimex continuously look at how they can improve their offering to give customers a competitive advantage in their business. Anticimex are passionate about what they do and enjoy sharing knowledge to help others.

With this at their core, Anticimex are proud to be the modern pest control company, offering modern solutions for a modern society. Their definition of modern is in their approach and how they operate. Anticimex work with prevention in mind, using in-depth knowledge and experience to minimise the risk of problems occurring.

Anticimex embrace new technology which enables them to offer customers a more efficient, accommodating and environmentally friendly service. Anticimex also strive for sustainable solutions so that customers can be assured that the service provided is designed to last.

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"Given the results we have achieved and the good spirit of cooperation we have experienced, I can’t recommend ERA highly enough. I think many companies can get much more than just great savings out of an ongoing partnership with ERA"

Thomas Høpner - CFO, Anticimex Denmark

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