Katcon is a renowned industry leader specializing in exhaust systems, thermal insulation, and advanced materials components.

Their extensive expertise caters to a diverse range of applications including gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and electric vehicles across various markets such as motorcycles, ATV, construction/agriculture, on and off highway, as well as light and heavy-duty vehicles.

With a focus on delivering high-value solutions, Katcon excels in exhaust systems, aftertreatment, thermal insulation, and offers a wide array of advanced materials technologies for exterior, interior, and structural parts.

Their unwavering commitment to world-class standards, exceptional engineering capabilities, unwavering dedication to quality, and global presence have established Katcon as a strategic and trusted supplier among leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The Challenge

Prior to entering the Polish market, Katcon had already established a fruitful partnership with ERA in Mexico.

Since Katcon had already incorporated the valuable insights gained from the previous ERA project, the company’s leadership was eager to explore the potential for additional cost reductions in Poland. The company enlisted the expertise of Henri Fagerström and his specialist team from ERA Group as the Poland project presented certain challenges.

Despite having shared their knowledge, Katcon had made structural changes to create savings in specific categories they had learned from ERA.

Nevertheless, this did not deter ERA partners from identifying the right categories and achieving further savings.

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"The best part about working with ERA is that you find savings that you would never even think about. ERA partners are truly experts."

Gustavo Canales, General Manager Katcon Polska